My name is Marcus and I’m currently working as Data Protection (GDPR) & Cyber Security Professional in Switzerland.

It’s my passion since many years, to work within the Cyber Defense and IT Security Sector. I love to deal with all the Hacking and Forensic stuff and to provide Cyber Defense and IT Security Services/Solutions. Simply to ensure, that the IT environments of my clients are properly secured and that they are able to identify Cyber Security Threats and respond accordantly.

The devising of fresh and innovative IT security architectures helps me to successfully accomplishing my IT Security role. This allows an expression of creativity within my mandate and provides a strong value for the client by improving and optimizing his IT Security and Cyber Defense efforts.

I work in environments, which require lateral thinking combined with a multi-disciplinary approach. My professional development and career over the last 20 years within the realm of IT, is therefore a great advantage.

In my current role, I am working on the design and implementation of innovative IT Security and Cyber Defense architectures, as well as on the development of adequate Security Policies and Processes to support the IT Cyber Security and Defense effort of my clients. 

I am acting as trusted IT Security & Cyber Defense Expert for various clients. Risk Analysis and Security Assessments underpin the Security Architectures – incl. vulnerability- and pen-tests as well as Computer Security Incident Response and Forensic Investigations.

I have a good track record of providing IT Security and Cyber Defense Services across diverse industries. My aim is to reach/exceed targets and to provide a strong value to each project. I would love to support you on the adventurous journey through the jungle of IT Security and Cyber Defense.

As we all know; there are no such thing as “ghosts in the machines or in the wires”.

If you require support or advice, please feel free to contact me.

Let’s get together and together we will lead your Security and Cyber Defense Project to a success.

The team and I are more than happy to assist you!